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01 Dutch sense of humor
01a Dutch sense of humor
02 An Amsterdam canal
02a An Amsterdam canal
02b An Amsterdam canal
03 Now thats a pulpit
04 Joinging a bike team at the Brandenburg Gate
05 The Titanic in chocolate (Berlin)
06 A piece of the Berlin Wall now an open-air art  museum
07 Sunset at sea
08 Heading through the Stockholm archipelago
09 1600s Swedish warship Vaya floundered on launch now restored
10 St George and the Dragon
11 Helsinki Church of the Rock blasted out of granite bedrock and covered with copper roof
12 Subway in St Petersburg
13 Catherines Palace
13a Catherines Palace
13b A small part of the gardens
13c Waiting room
13d Note heating radiator in corner - its Delft china
13e Room after room after room
13f Amber Room - floor to ceiling amber inlay
14 A typical neighborhood Russian Orthodox church
15 Entry to Peter the Greats palace

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