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IMG_9423A Mt Rainer on a rare sunny day in Seattle
IMG_9450 Getting underway
IMG_9483 Inside a Klingit clan house
IMG_9484 Coming out of the clan house
IMG_9495 Totem pole figures tell a story
IMG_9497 Totem pole cheat sheet
IMG_9580 Some salmon looking for a good time
IMG_9602 Don't say they didn't warn you
IMG_9613 A guide talking to an eagle
IMG_9635 Turkey towel art
IMG_9671 Recent bear prints
IMG_9676 Where the wild things are
IMG_9691 Real bear (eating his mountain goat kill)
IMG_9746 We rode this train on 2008 trip
IMG_9750 Entering Glacier Bay
IMG_9833 The glaciers are bigger than you think
IMG_9903 Melinda with sea otter pelt (had to give it back)
IMG_9920 Typical planter box in Alaska
IMG_a039 Fireweed - when bloom gets to the top, summer is over
IMG_a091 Can you find the momma bear and 3 cubs
IMG_a138 Kodiak fishermen
IMG_a146 Oldest licensed bar in Alaska (a real dive)
IMG_a149 Seen in a brewery tasting room
IMG_a156 Typical Alaska - mountains, forest, ocean

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