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Ever since I retired in 2007, I’ve had more time to travel around, to get away from it all in North Carolina, and to play with the grandkids. There always seems to be something fun to do and I haven’t missed working at Lockheed for one single millisecond. Here are some photos to prove it:

Below are samplings from my major ‘feature presentations’ (i.e. a two hour presentation (with over 2,000 photographs) is available on each of these subjects – just ask!)

NC Cabin Pictures

Alaska Cruise (2008)

Eastern Mediterranean Cruise (2009) – Pick from the choices below:

-         Pre- and Post-Cruise Rome

-         Athens

-         Corfu

-         Dubrovnik (Croatia)

-         Ephesus

-         Olympia

-         Santorini

-         Sicily

-         Sunsets and sea views

Baltic Cruise (2010)

Alaska Cruise (2010)


Below are ‘short subjects’ – just to give you a feel for the event:

Morrison Family Reunion (Rome GA) (2009)

Thanksgiving in Houston (2009)

Easter (2010)

San Diego (2010)